Sunday, 26 November 2017

Brilliant Babies - Making Sandwich

Brilliant Babies - Making Sandwich
My daughter use to help me in the kitchen since she was small. She loves my cooking and use to observe me a lot while cooking and that's how she developed interest in cooking I guess :). 
And now she started cooking on her own. I couldn't believe my lil one is cooking.....anyways it is a big help for me as she makes her snacks by herself.  Last week she made a veg sandwich and today she made it again to share it with you guys. Enjoy the video and share your comments.

You Tube Link - 

Brilliant Babies - Learning about Water Animals

Hi Friends,

Kids Area is a area in my blog where my Daughter and Son are going to cover with their activities. Hope you all will support and encourage them. :)

Funny activities of my Brilliant Babies are below:

1. Learning about Water Animals.

YouTube link -

Sunday, 13 August 2017

I'm Back..........with a Bang!!!

Dear Friends,

Good Day! How are you all doing? Hope in God's grace you all are doing great :)
It's been longgggg since i blogged because i was very very busy with my 2 kids.... their home works, project works ....what not.....huh.

I have been missing my blog and you all so so soooo much, now that i started managing things in much much better way thought of taking my time to blog and meet u all again. :)

Friends, will soon drop by your you all soon bye!!!

With Love,

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