Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Carrot Peas Masala

Even though I'm a non-veg freak, I have started cooking & eating lot of vegetable just for the sake of my daughter. My daughter is mini me. She just like all that I like including food. Since eating vegetables & fruits daily is a must for current life style I have started using lots of veggies & fruits in my daily cooking. That's why lots of veggie recipes in my blog in recent times.

Here comes another simple vegetable recipe "Carrot Peas Masala".


Carrot - 1 cup (chopped)
Peas - 1/2 cup
Onion - 1 big ( chopped)
Tomato - 2 big ( chopped)
Mustard seeds
Curry leaves
Garam masala - 1/2 tbsp

Cooking Method:

1. Pressure cook carrot & peas for 2 whistles & keep it aside.

2. Heat 2 tbsp of oil in a heavy bottom frying pan. Add mustard seeds. When mustard splatters add curry leaves & onion.

3. When onion turns transparent add tomatoes. Add asafoetida, tumeric, salt and let it cook until tomatoes becomes mushy.

4. When tomatoes are mushy, add garam masala and mix it. Let it cook for 1 minute.

5. Then add cooked carrot & peas. Mix thoroughly & let it cook for 10 mins. Reduce the flame to sim.

6. Carrot Peas Masala is ready. Carrot peas masala goes well with curd rice, lemon rice & sambar rice.

Picture Presentation:


  1. Yummy and nice combo with roti or rice.

  2. Love the combination of carrots and peas great side with chapati

  3. Delicious and flavorful.. very healthy too.

  4. Very simple and easy to make quick dish.

  5. 2 veg my daughter eats are peas and carrots!must try this quickie.

  6. Simple and delicious combo.looks yum

  7. wow..love your preparation ...sooper yummm
    Tasty Appetite

  8. Superb! Very delightful combo dear.

    today's recipe:

  9. yummy combo...sure it is very delicious!!

  10. inviting tasty stire
    1st time here happy to follow u do visit my site

  11. This dish not only sounds healthy but tasty as well. I too have started enjoying more fruits and vegetables recently. Not too long ago I completed a raw food detox cleanse which helped me get rid of my cravings for processed and sugary foods. Now I get my sugar fix from natural sources.

    Thanks for another great looking recipes.

  12. yummy masala,perfect with rotis!

  13. Looks very appetizing, love your blog. I'm following you.Visit my blog when you find time :)

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