Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Home made Pizza without oven

Home made Pizza without oven:

We use to spend more than 1000/- for pizza's every time we go to pizza shop so I wanted to try this at home that too without oven. I used dosa tawa to make this pizza and it was very tasty just like the one we get from the pizza shops.


Ready made Pizza base - 2
Tomato -2 (Remove the seeds & cut in cubes)
Onion -1( Cut in cubes)
Capsicum - 1( Cut in cubes)
Baby corn
Pizza cheese
Tomato sauce/masala paste
Dry mixed herbs( can get it in Nilgris)

Making Method:

1. Heat oil in kadai.  Add onion, capsicum, baby corn, mixed herbs & salt  toss nicely.
2. Apply tomato sauce on the pizza base and then spread and nicely arrange the tossed vegetables & tomato on it.
3. Then sprinkle the grated cheese over the vegetables and place the pizza on the pan/dosa tawa.
4. Cover the pizza with the lid and keep the fire in sim.
5. Allow it to cook for 5 mins, and pizza is ready.
6. Serve hot.

Picture Presentation:

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