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Mushroom Briyani - Easy Version

Mushroom Briyani - Easy Version:

This Briyani can be cooked in kadai/big pan very easily, even in  busy weekdays for your lunch box.

I use to keep all vegetables cut &  ready in the night itself so that I can directly start my cooking, next day morning. And I know for sure my daughter's & hubby lunch box will come empty :-)


1. Mushrooms - 1 pkd
2. double beans - 100 gms
3. onion tomato, - 4 nos
4. ginger garlic paste,
5. fennel seeds,
6. bay leaves,
7. chillis, - 4 chillis
8. mint,
9. coriander leaves,
10. salt, oil,
11. Briyani masala ( Ready made)- 2 tbsp
12. Basmati Rice - 2 cups

Cooking Method:

1. Heat oil in a large pan.
2. Fry fennel seeds, bay leaves then add onion and fry it.
3. Once the onion turns transparent add tomatoes, ginger garlic paste, chillis, mushroom, double beans, half mint & coriander leaves. Mix nicely all these veggies & cover it with the lid.
4. After 5 mts add Briyani masala, salt.
5. Then add the water( 1 cup rice - 11/2 cup water), mix it well & allow water to boil.
6. Once the masala mixture boils, just check if the salt & spicy so that you can add more if reqd.
7. Then add the rice, mix well, cover it with lid & flame to sim.
8. After 15 mts open the lid give a mix so that the masala on the top gets mixed completely. Garnish with mint & coriander leaves and serve hot.

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