Friday, 28 December 2012

Rice Flour Sweet/Adhirasam

This rice flour sweet made with jaggery is called adhirasam. This sweet is very famous in tamilnadu and made in almost all the houses during festivals.

Though the recipe looks very simple, preparing the jaggery syrup is the tough part. It needs experience & patience. If the jaggery syrup comes well sure the sweet will be so soft and nice. Even though I'm a budding cook, there is nothing harm in giving a try right ;)


Rice flour - 2 kgs (soak in water for an hour. Strain & dry it in the shades. Add cardamom to the rice and grind it coarsely)
Jaggery - 11/2 kgs
Oil - 1 litre
Plastic cover/banana leaf - To shape adhirasam

Making Method:

1. Break the jaggery into small pieces and put it in a heavy bottom pan, add 1/2 cup of water and heat it.  Allow all the jaggery to dissolve in the water. Then filter the jaggery mixed water, throw away the sediments.

2. After removing the impurities, allow the filtered jaggery water to boil, but keep checking the string consistency. If the  jaggery string shapes like a soft ball then that's the right consistency. So immediately remove it from the flame.

3. In a big vessel, mix the jaggery syrup slowly & thoroughly with the rice flour.

4. Once the syrup & flour are mixed well, apply 2-3 tbsp of oil on the top of adhirasam mixture then keep the mixture covered.

5. Let it be kept like this for one day so that the taste & softness will improve. The adhirasam mixture can be kept like this even for 3 days in the room temperature.

6. The next day, take the adhirasam mixture and knead well.

7. Meanwhile heat at least 1 litre of oil in a heavy bottom frying pan.

7. Make small balls to the required size out of the adhirasam mixture. Apply little oil  on the plastic cover/banana leaf and flatten the balls.

8. Then deep fry the adhirasams till it turns to golden brown. Remove it from the oil. To remove some more oil from adhirasam press the fried adhirasam with a bowl on both the sides of the adhirasam.

9. This sweet can be stored for more than 10 days.

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