Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Brilliant Babies & Unique: Best Way to Celebrate & Have Happiest Pongal Ever!!

Best Way to Celebrate & Have Happiest Pongal Ever!!

Brilliant Babies are suggesting to follow their 3 brilliant ideas to celebrate a happiest Pongal ever.

Just give a try!!
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Brilliant 3 Ideas to have a healthy & happy Pongal ever!!

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Sunday, 26 November 2017

Brilliant Babies - Making Sandwich

Brilliant Babies - Making Sandwich
My daughter use to help me in the kitchen since she was small. She loves my cooking and use to observe me a lot while cooking and that's how she developed interest in cooking I guess :). 
And now she started cooking on her own. I couldn't believe my lil one is cooking.....anyways it is a big help for me as she makes her snacks by herself.  Last week she made a veg sandwich and today she made it again to share it with you guys. Enjoy the video and share your comments.

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Brilliant Babies - Learning about Water Animals

Hi Friends,

Kids Area is a area in my blog where my Daughter and Son are going to cover with their activities. Hope you all will support and encourage them. :)

Funny activities of my Brilliant Babies are below:

1. Learning about Water Animals.

YouTube link -

Sunday, 13 August 2017

I'm Back..........with a Bang!!!

Dear Friends,

Good Day! How are you all doing? Hope in God's grace you all are doing great :)
It's been longgggg since i blogged because i was very very busy with my 2 kids.... their home works, project works ....what not.....huh.

I have been missing my blog and you all so so soooo much, now that i started managing things in much much better way thought of taking my time to blog and meet u all again. :)

Friends, will soon drop by your you all soon bye!!!

With Love,

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Green Peas Masala Dosa

Green peas masala dosa is my family's all time favorite. But this dosa recipe is dedicated to my friend "Kiran".

Monday, 25 March 2013

Vegetable Mixture/Chivda Salad

Mixture/Chivda is a south indian savory snack which is made by mixing sev, variety of nuts & spices. My daughter is very fond of mixture so my hubby bought 1/2 kg last week only for her but as a responsible mom....(he he...... at times the devil/angel inside me don't jus allow me to give the shop bought oil snacks to my her).....I wanted her to eat something healthy or homemade so I mixed all vegetables with the mixture and made this salad. It is tasted like bhel puri and she loved it.

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