Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Ukrainian Cabbage Roll - All Veggies

Actually this cabbage roll is very famous in Ukraine. They stuff rice & meat in the cabbage so it is called as " Rice Holubsti".
Since my kid eat less veggies & more non-veg. The devil inside me gave the hint of using the veggies..... he he.

Veggie inside & veggie'z it ;)

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Spicy Garlic Curry / Poondu Kuzhambu

As I said...another simple spicy curry for you. :-)
Below comes the recipe.

Black Channa - Simple Chat

I have been making lot of sweets lately so felt like making some savory....healthy.... snack....  and tried this black channa chat. I got a pat on my shoulder saying " good job" and "once more" from my kutties. :-) :-)

Here's my super simple but yummy recipe for u.

Monday, 28 January 2013

Milk Cream - Biscuit Mini Pie

For the very first time I have made "PIE". I can't believe it... :-) :-)
Since this is the first I didn't want to try the traditional pie....instead I took a shortcut of using biscuits for making crust. The taste of the pie was amazing. :-)

The cooking smell of these pies, filled my house completely & it was there even the next day.

So here comes my not simple but yummy recipe. :-)

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Crispy Raw Banana Fry - Simple Method

This is the simplest & tasty side dish ever. Try the below recipe & u'll agree with me. :-)

Spicy Drumstick Curry/Murungakai Kara Kuzhambu

My family is very fond of this "Spicy Curry" varieties. So I use to experiment a lot with different vegetables & variations. Many more "Spicy Curry" varieties are on the way exclusively for u.... ;)

Here comes one of the varieties.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Honey Strawberry Popsicle

Unlike other kids, my daughter don't like ice cream....l'm still wondering how she is like this...because you see the other two kids like it very much... Wondering how many kids I  have???

ha ha .....Only one :-) ) the other two kids are my hubby & myself because we still become kids when we see ice cream.

These honey strawberry popsicle are exclusively for us. Will make it again on valentine's day too.. ;)

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Drumstick Leaves Soup

Like the quote " Best things come in small packages", this drumstick leaves which is small in size has loads of benefit in it.

I have been ignoring these leaves until I tried this recipe. But now I know how good & taste it is. So friends try this recipe and have a good health :-)

Date Chocolate Balls in jus 10 mins.....

You don't need to cook, bake & fry for Date Chocolate Balls. Just do mixing & make balls in less than 10 mins :-) :-)

Actually this recipe came in Chennai Times, titled as A Date Everday. since I had all the mentioned ingredients in my fridge I just gave a try & it came so nice.....and yummy :-)

**I have adjusted the quantity & garnishing as per my taste.

Here's the recipe for u.

Leftover Rice Stuffed Bonda

I had some leftover rice from last night's dinner in my fridge and I didn't feel like to throwing it....the reason is..... you know the price of rice has increased so much now.  And yesterday while talking, suddenly my MIL asked me to make bondas because its veryyyy.... long since we had  one.

While thinking about it, I got a spark of using this leftover cooked rice in stuffing the bonda & believe parents-in-law enjoyed this bonda very much (FYI they are not suppose to eat potatoes and this bonda tasted like potato bonda).

And my little one finished 2 plates of bonda with ketchup :-) .

So what are waiting's the recipe.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Simple Vada Curry

Here is my today's recipe "Simple Vada Curry". :-)

Yesterday when i  was going through our fellow blogger's blogs, I saw vada curry somewhere & felt like making for my breakfast today.

ha ha.....that's how this guy(vada curry) is here....;). Check the recipe below.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Baby Pizzas - Home Made Without Oven

Make these "Baby Pizzas" for your valentine for the special day. Its super simple & cute  :-)

Omelet Roll

Yesterday night my daughter was so adament and was not having dinner till 11. Don't know why...she was crying & little cranky right from the morning.

I made potatoes peas masala & roti for dinner she didn't even touched it. She was crying..crying....& crying. After long time of pacification, she pacified & agreed to eat only egg....that's when I tried this egg roll & thank God she liked & finished the complete egg roll :-)

Potatoes Peas Masala

As I said earlier, i like any vegetable with peas. Potatoes Peas Masala is my favorite.

Recipe is here.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Gooseberry Juice - Health Drink for Kids

Increasing the immune level by giving the natural food to the kids are extremely difficult than a rocket science to the moms.

Since gooseberry places major role in increasing immune level, I use to give my daughter fresh gooseberry, gooseberry candy, dried sweet gooseberry....hmmmm..... nothing worked out :(

She loves mosambi & lemon juices very much so i gave a try with a combination of gooseberry + lemon juice and its a great success......:-) :-). She now asks for this juice everyday.

Just give a cup of gooseberry juice to your kids when they are back from school....and stay coolll...:-) :-)

Yam Spicy Curry / Karunai Kizhangu Kara Kuzhambu

I love shopping in eBay. eBay has wide range of collections. All the products that i have shopped in eBay so far has reached before the delivery time with good quality. So I prefer eBay.

If I make this yam kara kuzhambu for lunch today, I'll serve the remaining Kara kuzhambu with idilis the next day for breakfast. And everybody in my home loves it that way which is easy for me 2 in 1 ;). And here is my recipe for you....u too can follow my style  :-)

Podalangai kootu ( Snake Gourd Kootu)

You don't like snake gourd....well then try it in my style of recipe & I'm sure you'll like it :-).

Recipe is here...

Coconut Chutney - Simple Version for Beginners

Even if we have coconut chutney all most every day we don't feel like saying no to coconut chutney. Its a super easy chutney which takes less than 10 mins to make.

This recipe is for beginners.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Fish Curry in Tirunelveli Style

My MIL is from tirunelveli & this recipe was given my her. My mom is from nagerkoil & her style of making fish curry will be different. I likee....both but dear hubby likes her mom's style so now my fish curry is in tirunelveli style :-)

Here's the recipe.

Cabbage - Peas Fry

I love any vegetable that is cooked with peas. So I mostly prefer cooking vegetables which goes well with peas. Here is one such combination for u.

Masala Milk

In the evening today, the weather was bit chill & i felt like having hot masala milk instead of coffee. And a cup of masala milk which I prepared turned out very well just like the one we use to have in the hotels. So I drafted it & here comes my recipe.

Friday, 18 January 2013

Arisi Paruppu Sadham

One of my friends asked me for this recipe & here it is.

Dear Sreeja, this is all yours......take it. :-)

Vermicelli Upma - Simple Version

Please don't think that I'm a lazy goose seeing all my simple version recipes..ok. I always prefer fast & simple version because I'll be running out of time everyday in the morning.

Need to cook & pack breakfast & lunch for my daughter, hubby & myself. Ahaaa....imagine how busy I'll be...that's y I have hands-on on all simple versions ;)

Here is another simple version recipe... he he....

Egg Curry....

Whenever I call my baby( daughter) to come to eat, the very moment she'll ask "whats the food" & if I name any vegetables that's all.....i have to run behind her for at least an hour to have lunch/dinner.

But she is happy with "Eggs". She treats her equally to chicken & mutton....which makes my job easy ha now a days I'm having stock of eggs & recipes :-)

Here is one of my egg recipes.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Green Beans Poriyal (French Beans Fry)

Green beans poriyal is a simple side dish. During weekdays, If I don't feel like cooking much for packing lunch in the morning I'll just make green beans poriyal, mix white rice & make it as a variety rice take it for lunch 2 in 1 ;)

Recipe for poriyal is here.

Chilli Sambar

No sambar powder or garam masala Powder is required to make this chilli sambar. Only chillis....Red  & Green. :-)

Here comes the recipe.

Crispy & Tasty - Bitter gourd Fry

I haven't tasted bitter gourd in my life time. This is the 1st time I have cooked & tasted bitter gourd. Believe me this fry tastes like onion pakoda & nothing like bitter gourd.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Sweet Pongal - Simple Version

No matter how much sweet, ghee, nuts & raisins we add to our pongal, the sweet pongal which is given in the temples as prasadam tastes very special. Below is the recipe of the sweet pongal which tastes like prasadam.

Monday, 14 January 2013

Perfect side dish for Ven Pongal - Sprouted white channa (Kondakadalai) Curry

Dear friends,

Happy Pongal to you all.......let this year brings good health & wealth to all.

Here is a healthy & perfect side dish for Ven Pongal :-)

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Keerai/green/spinach Masiyal

Keerai is an excellent source of iron & vitamin K, A, C, B2, B6, E, magnesium, folate, manganese, calcium and potassium. It is also very good source of protein, phosphorus, zinc, dietary fiber, and copper etc......

Why to ignore such a healthy food huh.....please take keerai at least twice a week to keep ur brain young. :-)

Recipe is here.

Pepper - French Toast

One more super easy breakfast for lazy weekends :-) .

Recipe is here.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Spinach Wheat Bread Sandwich

My daughter loves sandwiches. So I use to make veg,egg & chicken sandwiches for her. This is the very first I gave a try to spinach sandwich & it worked.

Everybody at home loved it. Its super easy & healthy.  Sure your kids will like it.

Coconut Barfi - Simple Microwave Oven Version

Coconut barfi was my school time favorite. After school I became weight conscious & reduced eating coconut barfi.

Coconut powder which was in my fridge for some time has been tempting me & finally I did it.

Oh yes here is my favorite coconut barfi pictures & recipe. Well, i finished all my barfis ...ha ha

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Miracle Vegetable - Plantain Stem Koottu/Vazhathandu Koottu

Plantain stem has lot of health benefits and I have witnessed it.

Once my brother had kidney stones and doctors advised him for the  laser treatment. But my mom made my brother to be on strict plantain diet and as a miracle, the stone itself got cleared within 3 days and the treatment was cancelled. Thank God.

Plaintain stem is a wonderful vegetable so make sure to eat at least once a week.

Here comes my recipe of Plantain Stem Koottu.

Carrot Baby Corn Rice

Carrot is one of my favorite vegetables. In fact I use to eat & think carrot only is a vegetable when I was very young. My thought process about vegetables have changed a lot since my marriage. I do lot of mix & match in my recipes with veggies. Carrot baby corn rice is one of the kind  :-). Hope you like it.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Simple Fish Fry

It is very true that I can finish one plate of rice just with the smell of fish fry....ha ha...I know there are many like me. :-)

What if I have fish fry itself ...then 2 plates.. ha ha...

Fish fry is not a big deal when simple recipe is here.

Tomato Rice

Guess what my lunch today're right ... Its Tomato Rice. That's why the recipe is here :-)

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Tiffin Box Tips...

My daughter carries her breakfast to school everyday. Making her to eat her breakfast at school is a challenging task for me. So i add lot of gimmicks to her food.

I know Moms out there like me must be facing the same challenge so why don't we share our tricks :-)

Here comes mine.

Heart shaped idilis with coconut chutney.

Egg Masala

Whenever I take egg masala to my office for lunch, my friends...they just open my box & finish it. Not the rice just the eggs. Believe me I have fans for my egg masala :-). They always ask for recipe. So my dear friends here is my recipe.....its so simple & everybody knows it. But the recipe here is in my style. :-)

Monday, 7 January 2013

Wheat Apple Cake

Wheat + Apple + Cake = Healthy Cake. :-)

I'm not that happy in making cakes all the time using maida/all purpose flour & butter. So today when I started making this cake I was thinking that this is going to flop...but u have to believe me its super success. Yes this cake is really soft & tasty. My dear hubby liked it very much. FYI...He never touches cakes, sweets and chocolates.

So to believe me you have to try this recipe....
To try read the recipe here.. :-)

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Mint Chutney which can be stored for 15 days.

This mint chutney comes handy most of time when i dont have time to make side dish for idlis & dosa in the morning. I make this chutney twice a month & store it in the fridge. This chutney can be stored for more than 15 days.

My mother-in-law gave this recipe to me. Now I'm giving this recipe here to all my friends out there :-)

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Mango Lassi

Soon it'll be mangoes every where...because the season is nearing.... luckily my dear hubby saw mangoes in the nearby fruit shop yesterday & bought it. :-)

I made a chilled Mango Lazzi today out of those mangoes & here is the recipe.

BTW mango is a super fruit with vitamin A & C. Curd is with vitamin A, B & E.

Easy Vegetable Briyani

As usual i cooked this Veg Briyani in heavy bottom frying pan/kadai only. Its very simple & easy. I usually make this Veg Briyani if I have surprise guest at home.

Whole wheat bread bajji

Today evening my daughter asked me to make bajji. Generally by friday all my vegetables will be over  & I'll clean the fridge to store fresh veggis for coming week. So there was only some whole wheat  bread slices left in my fridge. I thought of giving a try with it & it worked fabulously. Even my parents- in -law loved it. They eat only wheat food most of the time. They really enjoyed this bajji.

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