Thursday, 24 January 2013

Leftover Rice Stuffed Bonda

I had some leftover rice from last night's dinner in my fridge and I didn't feel like to throwing it....the reason is..... you know the price of rice has increased so much now.  And yesterday while talking, suddenly my MIL asked me to make bondas because its veryyyy.... long since we had  one.

While thinking about it, I got a spark of using this leftover cooked rice in stuffing the bonda & believe parents-in-law enjoyed this bonda very much (FYI they are not suppose to eat potatoes and this bonda tasted like potato bonda).

And my little one finished 2 plates of bonda with ketchup :-) .

So what are waiting's the recipe.


Cooked Rice - 1 cup
Carrot, peas, green beans cooked - 1 cup
Bengal gram flour - 1 cup
Pepper powder - 1 tbsp
Red chilli powder - 1/2 tbsp
Oil for frying

Cooking Method:

1. Mix bengal gram flour + red chilli powder +asafoetida +salt + water together & make a batter and keep it aside.

2. For filling:

Take the leftover cooked rice in a big bowl & mash it nicely with the hands.

Add pepper & salt to the mashed rice and mix well. Then add the cooked veggies to it and give a thorough mix.

Take a tbsp of the filling & make a roll with  your hands. Now the filling is ready.

3. Heat  atleast 1/4 litre of oil in a heavy bottom frying pan. Take the rice roll & dip it in the gram flour batter and carefully place it in the hot oil.

4. Reduce the flame to sim & deep fry it.

5. Crispy "Leftover Rice Stuffed Bonda" is ready. Serve hot with coconut chutney.

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  1. Simple but tasty recipe helen.Nice idea for recyling the leftover rice.

  2. Very nice idea to use rice in stuffing. I too like to use anything left over and can't throw away, if in good condition:) Looks yummy!

    1. Very true Viki...I store the leftovers immediately in fridge ..

  3. Nice idea to use up left over rice...


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