Monday, 21 January 2013

Yam Spicy Curry / Karunai Kizhangu Kara Kuzhambu

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If I make this yam kara kuzhambu for lunch today, I'll serve the remaining Kara kuzhambu with idilis the next day for breakfast. And everybody in my home loves it that way which is easy for me 2 in 1 ;). And here is my recipe for you....u too can follow my style  :-)


Elephant Yam - 1/2 kg ( cut into pieces)
Onion - 3 big ( chopped)
Tomato - 3 big ( chopped)
Tamarind - small medium ball size
Curry leaves
Garam masala powder - 2 tbsp
Coriander leaves

Cooking Method:

1. Pressure cook elephant yam for 4 whistles. Mash the cooked yam & keep it aside.

2. Soak tamarind in 4 cups of water, extract the juice & keep it aside.

3. Heat 4 tbsp of oil in a heavy bottom frying pan. Add mustard seeds. When mustard splatters add curry leaves & onion.

4. When onion turns transparent add tomatoes. Cook until tomatoes becomes mushy.

5. Then add 2 full tbsp of garam masala, mix well & cook for one minute.

6. Next add tamarind water & salt. Mix thoroughly & let the masala boil.

7. Once the masala boils & no raw smell, add the mashed yam. Give a mix. Cover it with the lid and let it cook for 10 mins.

8. Garnish with coriander leaves & serve hot with steamed rice. Yam curry goes well with hot idilis also.

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  1. Never tasted it, new kuzhambu. Yummy and delicious.

    today's recipe:

  2. Try it'll be great da

  3. Loved the way you said that you use it for idlis too. Should give it a go


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