Friday, 25 January 2013

Republic Day Popcorn......

Dear friends......Happy 64th Republic Day wishes to you all....
   - from "Proud Indian".


Instant Popcorn - 1 pkd
Green food color - 1 tbsp
Orange food color - 1tbsp
Butter - 1/2 cup
Sugar -1/2 cup

Making Method:

To cook popcorn:

1. Pour the instant popcorn mix in the pressure cooker.

2. Remove the whistle from the lid. Cover the pressure cooker with the lid upside down. Cover in such a way that the steam escapes.

3. Cook on medium flame. The fresh popcorn gets ready in 5 mins. Transfer it immediately from the cooker.

For coloring:

1. Add butter + sugar + food color + water to the heavy bottom pan and in the medium flame bring it to boil.

2. Now the coloring syrup is ready.

3. Add the cooked popcorn to the coloring syrup & mix well.

4. Then remove the colored popcorn from the pan & spread it in a plate/butter sheet and allow it to dry. So that it can be stored.

5. Color Popcorn is ready. Serve happily.

Picture Presentation:


  1. Super tempting, looks amazing!

    today's recipe:

  2. These are soo cute n colourfull!

  3. What an idea ?? They look amazing :-)
    Will try it soon !!
    Today's Recipe
    Chilli Chicken (Dry)

  4. So cute and very patriotic.

  5. my son saw these colorful popcorn on your blog while i was using my dashboard and wanted me to do it immediately. but i never keep colors at home, so i just poped up some without colors. these look really tempting and kids will love to have them. Republic Day wishes to you Helen!

    1. Hi Swasthi, thank u so much for your comment. Please use less color while making it for kids.

  6. these look so cute Helen.... happy republic day.

  7. Republic day wishes dear :) these looks so colorful and patriotic...

  8. Dear All, thanks a ton for your motivating comments.:-)

  9. You guys are rocking with all innovative are making the life more interesting...great work!


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